The Philippine government through the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) closely monitors and regulates the deployment of Filipinos employees overseas to protect their rights and avoid exploitation which is sadly commonplace. We ask that you keep in mind that whilst many of these procedures may appear arduous they are unfortunately there for justifiable reasons.

Provide us with your company's details and completed Job Description Forms outlining the positions you wish to fill. The Job Description Forms will be provided by JTC Manpower.

You will need to have your company registered with and accredited by the POEA. This requires all our contractual documents to be verified and authenticated by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) at the Philippine Embassy nearest the place of work. The POLO verified documents are then couriered to JTC Manpower in Manila and submitted to the POEA to complete your registration and accreditation.


Procedures in the Country of Employer or Principal

 1. JTC will guide Employer / Principal with the requirements for verifying commercial capacity and operational labor intent to satisfy the Philippine overseas labor office or consulate in your country.

2. Accomplish and sign three (3) copies of the following Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) – prescribed official forms:

  • a .Special Power of Attorney
  • b. Recruitment Agreement
  • c, Verified Employment Contract (must signed all the pages by the Principal/legal representative of the company)
  • d. Manpower Request of Job Order (A letter to us in your Company stationery stating the number of workers needed, position and qualifications, salary and other benefits, and other conditions of employment)
  • e. Verified Business Permit/license (w/translation)
  • f. Contingency Plan (must be printed on company’s letterhead)

 These documents are PRE-SIGNED by JTC International Manpower Services, Inc. officials before these are sent to you.

3. Upon completion of the above-forms, submit these to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in your country for VERIFICATION. The Philippine Embassy in your country will also AUTHENTICATE your documents. There is a certain fee involved in the verification and authentication process payable by employer.

4. Immediately following authentication and verification at POLO / Philippine Embassy send documents by courier JTC office in Philippines.

Procedure in Philippines - JTC International Manpower Services Inc.

  1. We will review your documents for completeness and accuracy upon receipt.
  2. If the documents are complete, we will present them to the POEA for ACCREDITATION for initial processing. This step involves accrediting your company to JTC. This usually takes a week or two and involves us meeting additional requirements set by the POEA administration.
  3. Upon accreditation, JTC International Manpower Services, Inc. can now begin to search and recruit manpower for your Company.
  4. JTC International Manpower Services, Inc. will pre-qualify and select those applicants for interview by the principal or employer.
  5. JTC International Manpower Services, Inc. will attend to the processing of documents of selected workers in preparation for deployment.
  6. JTC International Manpower Services, Inc. will deploy the worker.

Work with us


JTC International maintains a computerized database search facility which is updated daily and we are able to identify registered candidates possessing the necessary credentials to be presented to the client. Advertising mediums are used in conjunction with our in house proprietary systems to gain access to a broader range of candidates. Our methods of recruitment are:

  • A detailed position brief from the client including salary and complete package details.
  • Suitable candidate search is conducted using our computerized database search facility and our external searching procedures.
  • Initial responses are screened and assessed.
  • Suitable candidates are identified
  • Extensive research of a candidates previous work history including demonstration of experience and expertise.
  • We have facilities available to skills test all disciplines to ensure our candidates are of the highest standard. This includes English Language, Theoretical and Practical testing and evaluation.
  • Reference checks are made with relevant institutions.
  • The short list is reviewed with the client.
  • The final short list is presented to the client.
  • The client completes the final interviews.
  • An appointment letter is sent to the successful candidate/s and notification is sent to those who are unsuccessful.
  • Candidate arrangements take place for pre medical check.
  • Upon visa issuance by employer we arrange for verified GAMCA medical of candidate.
  • Arrange necessary documents on behalf of candidate for visa/ passport stamping.
  • Administrative processing / statutory requirements of candidate for mobilization
  • Orientation and briefing.
  • Follow up procedures are instituted to check on the capability and performance of successful candidates.